me 2 my child: you were named after the two bravest men i ever knew.... Max Nev

not that i’ve been super active on here, but this is just a public service announcement that i’m going to be taking a break from social media for a while. it’s been a really unhealthy outlet for me recently and is preventing me from moving on and healing and creating some positive energy in my life. i really just need to get away from shit and do me for a while, and unfortunately soc media has been acting as a roadblock to that and to some extent, my happiness. this has been an incredibly rough year for me and i’ve been spending a lot of it just trying to dig in and wait for 2014 to come, but i feel like now might be a good time to start really taking steps of my own and actively trying to heal myself instead of just sitting around and waiting for time to do it for me. there’s a lot of emotional shit i still need to process as well as ongoing problems i need to deal with, and it would probably be best for me to really be with my family and friends and my own self right now, as little as i want to do the latter. i’m gonna deactivate my facebook tomorrow and stay off of here and twitter. i might stay on instagram since it hasn’t been a source of any drama for me (idk i’ll think about it), but otherwise you can reach me via text or gchat (feel free to inbox me if you want my number or gmail). 

my dahling t swift sings “i’d like to be my old self again, but i’m still trying to find it,” and that’s exactly my dilemma at the moment, yo. right now shit like this is just getting in the way of me finding a way back to my old self. until then, i’m wishing you guys love and happiness and positivity, and hoping i can find some of that myself so you all don’t have to put up with this sad whiny terrible version of myself anymore ;).


opens window curtains, takes 50 selfies in natural light, closes window curtains

During an interview in the set’s evidence room, Beatriz, who played Sofia Vergara’s character’s sister on “Modern Family” earlier this year, teared up as she described what it means to her to play a Latina whose ethnicity is not the butt of the jokes or the essence of her character.

“I remember as a kid watching TV and looking for myself and not being able to find myself very often,” she said. “There were very few shows I could see myself. I get a little emotional about it because it’s very important. Back in the day, people would go to theater to watch the human story. Now we’re watching it from our houses; to know that there are people who are watching it who can see themselves is a good feeling. I don’t talk about being Latina every day. I also don’t talk about what kind of deodorant I use. It’s something that happens or is a part of me. And it’s the same on the show. It’s almost monumental in its normalcy.”


Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine Nine.  (x)

Please, watch this show.

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white people who get angry if you wear a batman shirt without reading the comics but think criticism of cultural appropriation is overreacting.

❝A honey badger — because ‘honey badger don’t give a s**t’!❞

~Michelle Dockery on what animal she’d most like to be. [x] (via beckyrenee)